Elastique Brazil Pomegranate Wax 1kg

Elastique Brazil Pomegranate Wax 1kg

Pomegranate hypoallergenic elastic wax:

Ideal for larger areas of the body. Legs, arms, back, chest.

Elastique Hypoallergenic – Pomegranate Film Wax 

Pomegranate Oil is famed for its antioxidant and regenerating effects making this an elite wax that perfectly respects the skin. It’s elasticity makes it perfect for those areas where a stronger gripis needed. It’s shimmer and stunning smell when heated will have all in the salon smiling. 

Our wax enriched with pomegranate oil, which has anti-inflammatory, regenerating and soothing properties, is ideal for waxing in areas where the hair is stronger with its extra high elasticity. 

Thanks to its excellent spreadability and easy-to-use fluidity, it allows you to create long and thin layers, thus avoiding product wastage. 

It is a favorite product of salons, as thanks to its extra thin and flexible use, they can offer their guests a really affordable product service! 

Extra long, ultra thin and yet flexible to use

Suitable for larger areas

Fast drying = Express waxing

It is also suitable for removing strong fur!

Perfect choice for larger surfaces

Can be used at low temperatures

Even when used in a thinner layer, it remains extra flexible

It does not break or tear

Does not stick to the skin

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 17 × 13 cm


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