Stayve BB Glow Starter Kit Ampoules with added foundation, combined with niacinamide and peptide are for effective brightening and anti-aging effect.
The BB Glow kit includes:
No.1 x 2 vials – Light – lightest shade, ideal for people with light skin tone
No.1-2 x 2 vials – Light Rose – pinkish light shade shade, ideal for people with light skin tone
No.2 x 4 vials – Medium – medium shade, ideal for people with medium skin tone
No.3 x 2 vials – Deep – dark shade, ideal for people with dark skin tone
No.3-2 x 2 vials – Deep plus – darkest shade, ideal for people with dark skin tone


BB Glow treatments can help reduce freckles and lighten skin. It also helps with discoloration of the skin caused by acne, photo-aging and age spots.

The semi-permanent BB cream is exactly what it sounds like: a layer of BB cream with active ingredients is stimulated into the skin to give it a natural-looking foundation that lasts.

Depending on your skin condition and amount of care taken, for first users, it can last from three days to one week. Additional treatments will lead to an increased longevity and enhanced coverage.

We recommend all first-users to return for a second session in order to provide better coverage and longer protection for your skin.

How long is each session?

Each session is about 1.5 hours.

BB Glow Treatment offers more visible benefits than most other facial treatments. It provides immediate coverage and long-lasting beauty without overstimulating the skin. The results are visible wrinkle improvement, even skin tone, and glow all at the same time.

Beauty Therapists it’s time to become acquainted with this top beauty treatment. Surprise your clients with this new service that will make a difference to their skin. Your clients will thank you for it.


This is a pre-ordered item – R9500 for the BB Glow Starter Set

12 Vials in the kit each vial has 8ml product – 1-2ml per client will be needed if using two tones.

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