Tricogen Hair Follicle Regenerator Serum 60ml

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The Natural Minoxidil

The Hair Regenerator was formulated for people with thinning and balding patterns. It is ideal for people experiencing hair loss and a perfect preventative treatment for people who have balding in their family.

The Hair Regenerator helps to supply energy to the root of the hair. The serum also has an anti-inflammation and antioxidant effects, as well as the ideal combination of active ingredients to promote healthy hair to be produced. This product does not affect any of our natural hormones.


The Product works on various levels to achieve hair growth.

Caffeine improves barrier function and inhibition of Phosphodiesterase in the scalp. It also stimulates follicular penetration, stimulation and promotion of hair growth.

L-arginine converts to nitric oxide and causes vasodilation and increase protein production, and strengthens to hair.

Nettle root extract partially block 2 enzymes .The first is 5-alpha-reductase that when combined with testosterone, produces Dihydrotestosterone, the second enzyme is aromatase, which makes estrogen.

Rosemary has rubefacient properties and also helps to condition and strengthen the hair.

MSM has anti-inflammatory action and improves hair brilliance.

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