The Skin Lab Alginate Mask 500g

The Skin Lab Alginate Mask 500g

Ash Cryobuds have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities which helps oily skin regain its balance thanks to its unique ingredients such as saponosides and flavonoid’s.

For a face treatment, mix 30g (2 flat scoops) of powder and 90g (2 full scoops) of water at room temperature (20-25°C). Mix vigorously (+/- 1 minute) until a smooth and homogeneous texture is obtained. Apply the treatment immediately in a semi-thick layer on the cleansed skin (avoid the eye contour and eyebrows). The mask dries in 6 minutes. Leave the mask in place for at least 10 minutes, and then peel off in a single movement.

Perfect for acne skin treatments or post procedure treatments.
Anti Acne
Anti Inflammatory


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