Teana BOTOX-LIKE Royal Formula

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Royal Formula

This royal skin care range, based on water-in-oil emulsions, is designed as an efficient solution for mature and dry skin, taking into account its specific physiological characteristics.

Brand new active ingredients work in the deeper layers of the skin and give a more smooth and lifted look.

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Rejuvenating serum with argireline in vegetable capsules


This serum contains a powerful anti-aging peptide which relaxes facial muscles, providing a safe and profound botox-like effect with no injections. It is an effective solution to wrinkle reduction.

muscle relaxation reducing wrinklesa perfectly smooth skin

Argireline is a super powerful hexapeptide that relieves muscle tension and helps reduce mimic wrinkles. Itrestores the skin’s elasticity and smoothness.

Volume: 15 capsules Shelf life: 36 months Manufactured in: Russia

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