Silicone Decollette Pads (pink)

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Silicone Decollette Pads (pink)

The perfect solution, designed to correct, smoothen and prevent chest wrinkles with visible results in a few days. Makes your skin smooth as silk especially when you are a side sleeper or stomach sleeper.

  • Medical Grade Silicone – Our translucent anti-wrinkle chest pads are made of 100% medical grade silicone, soft and comfortable, they fit the exact shape of your chest allowing you to move and breathe freely. It contains no allergy causing additives.
  • How it Works – Our decollete pad works to boost collagen production, re-hydrate and moisturize dry skin cells, tighten skin pores, slow down skin aging, and provide your decollete with the nourishment it needs to naturally prevent future chest lines from forming. These medical wrinkle reduction pads are also excellent for reducing scars, sun spots, and stretch marks.
  • Washable, Reusable and Durable — If cared for and used properly, they can last about 15-25 times and as sticky as ever.
  • Easy to Use – Keep your chest area clean, dry and free of moisturizers. Remove the silicone pad from the plastic sheet. Place the pad on the chest area for at least 1 hour a day. All night wear is also recommended
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Smooth and Prevent Chest Wrinkles with Anti Wrinkle Chest Pad

Benefits of Chest Pads:
Locks in moisture
Slows down skin aging
Help dry skin
Boost collagen production
Aid tightening of skin pores
Helps keep breasts apart for side-sleepers
Prevent new wrinkles & folds from forming
Ease lines caused by natural aging or sun damage

How to Use:
Step 1: Thoroughly clean the area with a mild (oil free) soap and warm water. Then, dry the area completely, taking care to prevent any lint or dust from sticking to your skin.
Step 2: Peel the decollete pad from the firm plastic sheet (Do not discard this sheet). Carefully place the decollete pad on top of the chest area with the most wrinkles. Be sure to firmly press down on all the edges to ensure a tight seal to the skin.
Step 3: Now just lay down and relax! Let the decollette pad attack your chest wrinkles and damaged skin cells while you sleep. In the morning, remove the silicone pad and carefully place it back onto the original plastic sheet. This will ensure your pad stays clean and dust-free for the next use.

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