Sei Bella Alginate Mask

Sei Bella Alginate Masks (500g)
Aloe Vera – Best for Dry Skin
This mask encourages cell regeneration by providing essential amino acids, mineral salts, vitamins (A, E and B) & polysaccharides, elements which are essential for the skin.
Rice Powder & Apricot Kernels – Eye Lift
Rice powder is used for its absorbing & matting properties, whilst providing a gently treatment.
Apricot seeds are rich in vitamin E, which helps the skin flight ageing & improve microcirculation.  the mask’s properties are extremely beneficial to the skin, especially for the dark rings and puffiness around the eyes. – All skin Types.
Organic* Apple Extract – Pollution Control
The organic apple extract contains vitamin C that restores glow to the skin.  Apple polyphenols are currently considered to be the most efficient to combat free radical.  the reinforce  microcirculation, protect elastin and collagen fibres & prevent hyaluronic acid from being destroyed.  *98.14% natural and 11.4% are organic. For Dull & Stressed Skin.
Pineapple & Papaya – Tropical Bliss
This mask provides and enzymatic exfoliating effect which intended to achieve optimum cell regeneration.  The synthesis of arginine & proline, two amino acids recognised for cell regeneration is encouraged by the action of Papaya, Pineapple has protective & moisturising properties which are essential for preventing wrinkles.  The skin recovers its full glow looking healthy and youthful.  All skin Types.
Vitamin Burst – Acerola Berry
The vitamin – burst mask protects the skin thanks to the components.  The richness of the vitamin C in the acerola helps fight radical reactions and encourages collagen synthesis.  The skin is revitalised and regains its glow. All skin types.
Ash Cryobuds – Acne Repair
Ash Cryobuds have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities due to their unique ingredients such as saponsides and flavonoids.  The mask helps oily skin regain its balance. Oily and problem skin.
Green Coffee Bean Extract – Cafe Mocha Espresso
The presence of the bromide and polyphenols in Green Coffee Bean Extract provides this treatment with its softening, toning and anti-oxidant properties.  Caffeine, which is a xanthin base, helps redesign and refine the facial contours. All skin types.
Caviar Extract – thermogenic Caviar
This mask stimulates cell activity while loosing collagen activity and fighting skin ageing.  Hot peel off masks are a new concept. the heat they generate at the time of application progressively lessens to reach the skin’s temperature.  Caviar extract is rich in A,D,B1,B2,B6 and micro-elements Co,Cu,P,Si,Zn as well as amino acids which as glycine, lysine, histidine, arginine, and asparagine. Those ingredients intensify the processes inside the skin cells and at the same time slow down the ageing process by moisturising the skin.  Caviar extract firms the skin and provides the highest prossible level of hydration. All Skin Types.
Botox Like – Argireline
Argireline, a Hexapeptide composed of natural amino acids, reduces the depth of wrinkles and lines on the face caused by the contraction of muscles in facial expressions.  Due to its my-relaxing properties, it reduces wrinkles.  Matures Skin Types.
Algalithe & Green Clay – Purifying
The synergy between Lithothamnium & Clay ensures that their exfoliating, smoothing and sorbent properties are very effective.  The skin is cleaned and purified; dead cells and impurities are removed.  It breathes better and is nourished with the seawater nutrients provided by the seaweeds.  The skin becomes more supple and soft; pores are tightened, it feels fresh and flows again. Oily and problem skin types.
Biowhite – Brightening
The anti-oxidant activity of Biowhite neutralises free radicals and slow skin ageing.  It inhibits melanin formation, preventing the skin from darkening in the sunlight.  It has strong moisturising and firming properties.  it its important to not that this Brightening mask has no cytotoxic effect on the skin.  Clinically proven to have a 28% Melanin Reduction in the skin.

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Sei Bella Alginate Masks

Alginate masks contain a compound obtained from marine algae & calcium sulfate. When mixed with water these two compounds form a hydrocolloid gel, allowing the slow migration of active ingredients into skin.

They create a covering that encourages ingredient penetration from prior product applications.

Although not necessary the use of a treatment serum is beneficial. Alginate masks are natural beauty treatments that provide fast and impressive results additionally erasing fine wrinkles, tightening and firming the skin, increasing its elasticity, leaving it fresh, supple and radiant.


These masks complement all skincare regimes.

  • Quickly restore skin hydration.
  • Allows easy oxygen exchange.
  • Remove toxins from the skin surface.
  • Active ingredients to treat individual skin needs.

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Algalithe & Green Clay, Aloe Vera, Ash Cryobuds, Biowhite, Botox Like, Caviar Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Organic* Apple Extract, Pineapple & Papaya, Rice Powder & Apricot Kernels, Vitamin Burst


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