Saffron Sense | Anti-aging Serum

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30ml – Suitable for all skin types

A powerhouse of nutrients, this anti-ageing serum is a daily essential for smooth, glowing skin. Formulated with a high concentration of saffron, aloe barbadensis and borage oil, it delivers a rich dose of antioxidants and vitamins A, C & E to boost skin’s natural age-defying defenses. It treats hyperpigmentation and improves texture and tone to brighten your skin and helps to prevent and correct fine lines and wrinkles

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Saffron Sense Favicon     Anti-Ageing; Improves Visible Signs Of Lines And Wrinkles
Saffron Sense Favicon     Treats Pigmentation
Saffron Sense Favicon     Brightens Skin Tone
Saffron Sense Favicon     Rich In Vit. A, C & E
Saffron Sense Favicon     Rich In Antioxidants
Saffron Sense Favicon     Natural SPF
Saffron Sense Favicon     Skin Conditioner



Saffron Sense Favicon     aqua,
Saffron Sense Favicon     glycerin,
Saffron Sense Favicon     aloe barbadensis leaf extract,
Saffron Sense Favicon     phenoxyethanol,
Saffron Sense Favicon     acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer,
Saffron Sense Favicon     polysorbate-20,
Saffron Sense Favicon     ethanol, butylene glycol,
Saffron Sense Favicon     borago officinalis (borage) seed oil,
Saffron Sense Favicon     tocopheryl acetate,
Saffron Sense Favicon     sodium hydroxide,
Saffron Sense Favicon     caprylic/capric triglyceride,
Saffron Sense Favicon     ethylhexylglycerin,
Saffron Sense Favicon     parfum,
Saffron Sense Favicon     retinyl palmitate,
Saffron Sense Favicon     lecithin,
Saffron Sense Favicon     crocus sativus (saffron flower) extract,
Saffron Sense Favicon     ascorbyl palmitate,
Saffron Sense Favicon     sodium benzoate,
Saffron Sense Favicon     potassium sorbate.


Taking the health and gorgeousness of your skin to a higher level, we believe in:

High-End Natural Ingredient

Saffron is a natural skincare remedy that brings back the skin’s natural elasticity, radiance, as well as wrinkle-free appearance. The real goodness of saffron is in its carefully extracted oil which is rich with skin-improving agents.

No Parabens Added

We avoid adding any toxic ingredients and preservatives in our skincare product collection. We care about the ingredients we put into our products so that you do not have to worry about what you put onto your skin.

Highly Concentrated and Exclusive

Only top-quality saffron is highly concentrated and inclusive of all the elements. That is why Saffron Sense is focused on using the rightly grown and cultivated saffron to obtain concentrated and inclusive properties. From the inside out, every product is made with care in little batches. This gives us as much control as possible over the entire production process, ensuring top-notch quality at every step.

Simple yet Practical

Instead of confusing you with dozens of lotions bottles and cream tubs, we have carefully chosen a smart collection of products. These serve your skin in the best way and keep your skincare routine simple, too.

“Kind to You and Kind to Nature”

We do not test on animals. We also use packaging that can be recycled or reused. It  is also important to us that we empower local communities, and use ingredients and packaging wherever possible, made and sourced in the Middle East.


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