Dr.pen Ultima A6S Starter Set (Cordless/Cable)

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Product name:
Auto-stamp Motorized Meso Machine Model name: Dr pen A6S
Adapter: 5V-1000mA
Package Weight: 425g
Package Size: 169*123*56 mm



Dr.pen A6S

10 x 16pin or 11pin Cartridges (availability)

1 x my.Skin Gliding Formula 50ml

1 x 50ml Medinumb


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 page6image11553216 page6image11553408

Needle cartridge introduction

page6image5685872 page6image5686288 page6image22159904 page6image22160128

11 Needles

16 Needles

page6image5686080 page6image5686496 page6image22158896 page6image22159792

24 Needles

36 Needles

page6image5686704 page6image5686912 page6image22158672 page6image22157104

42 Needles

R NANO Needles

page6image5687120 page6image5687328

S NANO 3D NANO Needles

5D NANO Needles


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