Lapeaurest Decongestive Cure Gel

Lapeaurest Decongestive Cure Gel

Capacity 1000ml

All the skin types

Stimulates circulation of your skin, soothes and plumps complexion. It is perfect for redness and flaky skin.

Gently apply over dehydrated areas or affected areas which needs to be relieved. Use after your regular toner. It can be used as a soothing mask or a base of a facial mask.

1)Acell 300, a patented ingredient, calms redness and flaky skin and activates circulation of the skin. Two amazing moisturizing ingredients, Dioscorea Japonica Root and hyaluronic acid, leaves your skin looking radiant. 2)It cools your heated skin down so that your skin looks brighter and healthier. 3)It works to perfectly restore radiance and banish signs of dryness. It is such an exceptional rich gel, it can also be used as a moisturizing mask.

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