KRX Custo:Med Oxy Boost Tablets

KRX Custo:Med Oxy Boost Tables

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Oxyboost Tablets (20 tables 1 x tube)

Oxyboost is the first step in the Custo:Med facial system. It is used to carbonate the facial water to realease CO2.  Mix 1 tablet with 500ml of water, and use with preferred cleanser for an oxygenating and detoxifying cleanse.  It comes with 20 tablets.

The Oxyboost CO2 tablets offer a gentle, yet effective way to break up dirt + makeup on the skin. Sparkling water, a technique which originated in Japan, has become very popular in Korea.

Carbonated water acts as a vasodilator, increasing microcirculation increasing blood supply and the delivery of nutrients to the skin.

As skin therapists, we know that one facial does not fit all. Skin may present itself one way, and two weeks later may look and feel completely different. KrX’s Custo:Med gives us the opportunity to customize each step in our facial treatments. This means individualized skincare, targeted treatments, and therefore better results with a more personalized experience. 


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