Dr.pen Ultima X5 Cable Operated

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Dr.pen Ultima X5 Cable Operated (incl 2 x 12pin Cartridges)

Specification Product name:
Auto-stamp Motorized Meso Machine

Model name: Dr pen X5 Adapter: 5V-1000mA
Package Weight: 315g Package Size: 169*123*56mm

Speed Display

5 Speeds Adjustment

The pen starts from low to high speed

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In the event of Product defect or malfunction under normal use by user following the manufacturer’s guidelines, the manufacturer will repair design defects free of charge during the warranty period.  Any other defects caused by the user ie:- overcharging of the battery, electric current connection default, dropping the unit or miss use of the device, user attempting to dismantle and repair, all such cases will void Warranty. Please note all Dr.pen’s that have built-in batteries will deplete overtime when continuously overcharged.  Batteries are not included in the Warranty.

Derma Roller Systems suggests you ensure your pen device against all risks.

All Dr.pen’s has a 6 month Warranty offered by Derma Roller Systems provided the above criteria is adhered to in this period.

Damages (defaults) prescribed above require that your device is returned to Derma Roller Systems.  Thereafter we will investigate route cause of failure.  In the event of manufacturing defect the unit will be replaced immediately within the one year period.  However, if it is discovered that the fault is due to the user, we will return the pen to manufacturer for possible replacement or repair.

Dr.pen’s supplied by Derma Roller Systems RSA are manufactured and produced from the original manufacturer. (OEM supported products)


Product parameter

Product name

Portable electric micro-needle derma pen X5





Speed adjustment

5 levels

Package weight


Package size


Needle cartridge

2pcs (for free)

Needle length adjustment






Key word

derma pen


6 months


Skin needle pen features

Additional information

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 35 × 23 × 10 cm


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