Dr.Jart+ Dermask Intra Jet Firming Sleeping Mask 120ml

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Improve your skin elasticity while you sleep

Dermask Intra Jet Firming Sleeping Mask is designed to smooth out skin texture

Night Magnet Technology Improves the condition of the skin overnight and results in healthier skin

Bio-Peptide Complex Smoothes out skin texture and cares elasticity to make skin stronger

Double Firming Complex Coenzyme Q10 + Beta-Glucan create the synergy effect to maintain and improve skin elasticity for the lifted and firmed skin appearance



The hydration sleeping mask is designed to deeply hydrate and protect skin’s own moisture barrier while you sleep

Night Magnet Technology Enhances the condition of the skin overnight and results in healthier skin

Aqua Soothing Complex Patent ingredient derived from plant glucose and xylitol replenish and protect skin’s moisture barrier through hydration

Double hydra Complex Hyaluronic Acid + Algae Extract support long lasting moisturization by protecting the skin’s moisture barrier and strengthening skin via hydration


How To Use

1. As the last step of your skin care routine, take a suitable amount before going to sleep and evenly spread onto the face and neck

2.Wash with warm water next morning



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