Darsonval High Frequency Device

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This professional grade Portable High Frequency machine features 10 electrode attachments (7 Neon and 3 Argon).

The working principle of this professional grade high frequency device is its alternating current of 200,000 cycles per second. The cycle frequency is so rapid it does not stimulate motor or sensory nerves.

How Does High Frequency Work?

The accessories used with a high frequency machine are glass electrodes of different forms. When the high frequency current passes through these electrodes, they emit a bluish, violet color or a reddish, orange color depending upon which gas is contained in the electrodes – argon emits a blue light and neon emits an orange light. A chemical reaction causes the emission of ozone into the air.

Ozone is a form of oxygen which has germicidal properties and extremely beneficial for treating seborrhea or acne skin. Tiny sparks pass between the electrode and the skin as the current travels across the layer of air which separates them, converting oxygen into ozone. When the electrode is applied directly upon the skin, this is known as direct high frequency. Sparking is a technique used directly on a blemish. This is done by holding the electrode a few millimeters above the skin, increasing the gap between the electrode and skin surface. This is called a “spark gap”. The release of ozone from the electrode destroys bacteria and will aid in drying pustular infection.





Our Professional High Frequency Portable device has on/off intensity regulator, a plastic handle and a selection of 10 glass electrodes which fit snuggly into the handle. The device allows you to perform two methods of high frequency applications: direct and indirect depending on the electrode used.

The 7 attachments include:

1 – Face/Body Massage Roller – used over a special cream and gauze in direct high frequency. (Neon Gas)

1 – Hair Growing Comb – used to stimulate scalp circulation to encourage new hair growth. (Neon Gas)

2 – Point or Fulgulator electrode – used for precise sparking of pustules and acne. (Neon and Argon Gas)

1 – Rod or Saturator electrode – used for indirect high frequency to assist in facial and body massage. Note: held by client to complete the circuit. (Neon Gas)

2 – Spoon Electrode – used on sensitive areas such as dark circles/bags beneath the eyes. (Neon and Argon Gas)

2 – Mushroom Electrode  – most frequently used for acne or oily skin. (Neon and Argon Gas)

1 – Fork or Horse-Shoe Electrode – used to lift and firm loose skin around neck area. (Neon Gas)


High frequency has germicidal and stimulating effects and produces low-level ozone to promote healing.

Using the infra-red or ultra violet rays we get the effects of elimination and absorption. It increases glandular activity, stimulates circulation of the blood, speed metabolism and aids in deeper penetration of product into the skin.

Uses alternating currents which change direction extremely rapidly and can pass through the body without the person feeling them. No muscle contraction occurs, but a warming effect is produced within the tissues, enhancing blood circulation and increasing metabolism.


High frequency is a safe, holistic approach to skin rejuvenation treatment however the following precautions should always be taken: avoid using AHA or Glycolic Acid products with high frequency machines. Avoid contact with broken capillaries, spider veins and areas of rosacea. Do not use high frequency during pregnancy. Do not use if you have a pacemaker or heart disease history. Avoid wearing metal jewelry while using high frequency. Never operate a high frequency machine with a broken bulb. Do not use outdoors, near water or around combustible substances. Avoid use during pregnancy.

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