DAIRIST 3in1 Skincare Device

DAIRIST 3in1 Skincare Device

DAIRIST upholds the brand management concept of “fashion, innovation, effectiveness and differentiation”.Aesthetic design is made on the appearance and operation details of the instrument. Strive to meet customers more advanced, more personalized needs.

Control product quality strictly In the production process.Provide a comprehensive skin care program for consumers In a safe and effective way.

The instrument is equipped with theoretical and technical teaching courses that can be learned easily.

1. DAIRIST Skin Scaling

Skin Scaling, Plasma, Finger Focus

Black head\White head \ Coarse pore \ Oily skin \ Thick cuticle

Skin Scaling is mainly used for deep cleaning. Through the ultrasonic wave method, the old dead skin cells can be removed without any pain.A lot of dirty things can be removed just with water.No chemical products, no irritation. Apply to face, body and scalp

Oily skin\Dry skin \ Sensitive skin \ Quiescent wrinkles \ Melanin

Plasma converts nitrogen in the air into high-energy micro-plasma.Emits and transmits energy to epidermis and dermis in the form of pulses.

It converts oxygen in the air into ozone.It takes only three seconds to inactivate bacteria without touching the skin

Promote absorption of macromolecular nutrients and enhance skin elasticity.

2. E-3 Finger Focus:
Hydroderma  \ Loose skin \ Aging skin

Focus a micro current on the fingertip.The tiny electrical currents can penetrate the skin and enter the body.

Tighten skin and eliminate edema with skin care technique.And promote collagen production, improve wrinkles, increase skin elasticity.

The micro-current goes directly to the submuscular layer, reconstructing ADP.ADP binds with ATP to promote collagen production.

3. Gold Clip Therapy:

Activate cells \ Tighten skin \ Improve blood circulation

Activate cells through physical mechanical action and micro-current.Different frequencies can act on different levels and achieve different effects.

Massage by clamping and kneading, and micro-current stimulates ATP production.Under-eye puffiness are improved,eye strain is relieved,skin around the eyes becomes firmer and fuller.

Can be applied to face,body,or for some special management.




DAIRIST 3in1 Skincare Device

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Dimensions 20 × 17 × 13 cm