Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid REVANESSE KISS (2 x 1ml)

Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid REVANESSE KISS (2 x 1ml)

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REVANESSE KISS: (cross-linked HA) with a low lift capacity and small particle size to enhance the vermillion lip and submucosal tissue. To be injected into the superficial to the mid dermis. Key indications: Lips and perioral lines.

Take control of the signs of aging with Revanesse®.

Revanesse® is a line of revolutionary   optimized to provide natural, long-lasting results.

Revanesse® is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment that leverages state-of-the-art production methods, optimal ingredients and rigorous quality testing to provide remarkable results.

Revanesse® is tried and tested with over 3 million syringes used worldwide.

Revanesse® is a remarkably homogeneous filler due to our advanced technology and proprietary formula. This means that our particles are uniquely spherical and uniform, providing the perfect balance between smoothness and volume.

The spherical particle shape of Revanesse® is developed to be accepted by the body and break down slowly over time.

In a clinical study, the incidence of swelling was 51% higher with the comparator.*




As we age, the amount of naturally occurring HA within the body decreases. This diminishes the body’s ability to hold onto water, which leads to volume loss. As we lose volume, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin start to appear.

Refresh your appearance and restore lost HA within the skin with a Revanesse® treatment to amplify your confidence.

Revanesse® is the only line of cross-linked HA dermal fillers that is made in Canada. Our manufacturing facility is located just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Prollenium Medical Technologies Inc. is an ISO registered company, meets or exceeds all Health Canada regulations, and is among a select few dermal filler companies to receive FDA approval within the United States.


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