Cosmetic Injector

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Cosmetic Injector

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Cosmetic Injector is an innovative digital non-suction injector system with specialized 5-pin multi needle.
5-pin multi needle is boosting the effectiveness of procedure and easily injected to the firm inject-sites.
This procedure occurs simultaneously and injection can be made surprisingly easily and fast.
Injection Mode You may find Dose, Continuous, Hydro, Obesity, Scalp, Filler, Toxin and User mode on the injector. The amount of solution drops is set based on the guideline which is provided. However, if the user set the continuous mode, the user can inject as much as the user wants with pressing foot switch. The solution shall be injected while the user pressing the foot switch, if the foot switch is released, the injection shall be stopped.
Syringe Size Crystal Injector supports all 6 kinds of syringe which are “1cc, Glass 1cc, 3cc, Glass 3cc, 5cc and 10cc”.
Viscosity Level Each solution has different viscosity. There are lots of pressure inside of the syringe after injection. Thus, if the syringe is not released, the solution leakage can be occurred due to the pressure. Thus, the “Viscosity Level” should be set as 4 or 5 to prevent the leakage of solutions.
Speed Level Injection speed of solutions can be controlled with “Speed Level”. As number is higher, the injection speed of solutions shall be faster. The speed level of injection plays an important role of pain from the injection. If the injection speed is fast, the client might feel the solution pain, then please adjust the injection speed as 1 or 2 to reduce the pain of the solution.
Repeat Injection Speed The user can control the interval time from the shot to the next shot. If the user gets used to use Crystal Injector, please set the “Repeat Injection Speed” as 3 or 4, and for the beginner we recommend to set as 7. Procedure time shall be faster as the user get used to Crystal Injector.
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Cosmetic Injector


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