Cool Jet™ Transdermal Serum Two

Cool Jet™ Transdermal Serum Two

What is Cool Jet™ Serum Two used for?:
It improves healing processes, repairs cellular DNA, strengthens the skin, and enhances dermal density.

How does it work?:
The synergistic action of its ingredients stimulate the replacement of type III collagen which, as a fibrinoid material allows cell migration, restores skin physiological balance and effectively reconstructs the tissues.

Where to use?:
We recommend Cool Jet™ Serum Two for use on the face and neck area.

How to use:
Use with the Cool Jet™ post pulsed mode at end of the treatment, when treating skin post Cool Jet™/fibroblast treatment once the scabs have shed.

Cool Jet™ Serum Two can be used at home daily and often over fibroblast micro-traumas whilst still in the healing phase, scabs present.

We advise that this treatment is administered a minimum of 5-times with Cool Jet™ with 7-days between each treatment session. May be used twice weekly.

DNA, Peptide Complex, Hyaluronic Acid, Glutathione

Contains 5 Vials of 2.5ml.

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