Cool Jet Transdermal Serum One

Cool Jet™ Transdermal Serum On

What is Cool Jet™ Transdermal Serum One used for?:
Improvement of the facial contouring.

How does it work?:
The Combination of active ingredients that favour the lipolysis adipocytes and therefore inhibits lipogenesis, improves lymphatic drainage, and reinforces skin structure.

Where to use?:
We recommend Cool Jet™ Transdermal Serum One for use on the undereye and submental area.

How to use:
Apply topically via massage to the under-eye area and submental area post CoolJet used on pulsed mode. Continue to apply until no more serum will absorb into the skin. Ensure you only apply to the under-eye fatty tissue and submental fatty tissue.

We advise that this treatment is administered a minimum of 5-times, with 7- 14 days between each treatment session.

Carnitine, Cynara, Melilotus, Tyrosine, Lecithin, Troxerutin

Contains 5 Vials of 5ml.


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