Clikins Orenu PMU Pen

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Clikins Orenu PMU Pen

Semi-permanent makeup device uses tiny needles and tools that implant color pigments into the skin. Machine pushes needles in and out approximately 80-150 times per second. It is puncturing motion that implants pigment into the skin with the single needle creating hair-stroke.
Clikins Orenu, also can be used as MTS machine to absorb solution into the skin, which gives the effect of whitening, wrinkle improvement and trouble prevention.

  • Clikins Orenu has 4 modes: Eyes, Brows, Lips & MTS;
  • Needles are removable and speed can be controlled;
  • Magnetic induction for users’ convenience (Machine starts working automatically after hand piece leave the holder).
Delivery will take 10-15 days!
Superior Korean brand!


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