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Soothes redness and overheated skin, moisturizing intensely

CEBELIA Extreme Care is a complete soothing and moisturizing skincare for the face and body. Designed to soothe the skin after aesthetic procedures like peeling treatments, it is an SOS emergency skincare that cools the epidermis and immediately calms reactive and damaged skin. Its active ingredients reduce redness, lower the skin’s temperature, rehydrate and promote epidermal repair. Its gel/cream texture spreads easily and penetrates quickly for an immediately cooling effect. Fragrence free.
Skin type : All skin types
Texture : Gel-cream, non-greasy, non-sticky
Area : All areas (face & body)
  • Mexican cactus extract: provides an immediate cooling sensation > refresh
  • Neuropeptide: modulates skin inflammation > soothes overheated skin, redness and swelling
  • Glasswort extract: stimulates the production of natural urea > hydrates intensely
  • Cebeline, a patented active fragment of Laminin 5, accelerates epidermal regeneration by restoring the mechanical and biological properties of the dermal-epidermal junction > repairs
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Used by aesthetic physicians after damage to the skin or significant overheating:

  • Post-laser treatment on the face or body (especially CO2 laser treatments)
  • Post-laser hair removal (sensitive areas: armpits, bikini line, etc.)
  • Post-radiofrequency
  • Post-IPL (flash lamp)
  • Post-mid to deep skin peel

Used by dermatologists for:

In conjunction with flushing, couperosis, rosacea, reactive or intolerant skin, inflammatory pathologies (psoriasis, eczema and seborrhoeic dermatitis), erythema (including sunburn), overheated skin (due to shaving or sport), pre and post-radiotherapy, as a complement to acne treatments, etc.


Apply CEBELIA Extreme Care as often as necessary to the relevant area (face or body).
For intense cooling action, keep the tube refrigerated before applying.

To soothe and moisturize the skin deep down, use it as a mask: apply a thick layer to the face, let sit for 15 minutes, and then rinse the excess product off with water. Perfect for very sensitive and intolerant skin.

Tolerance, harmlessness and efficacy guaranteed by our clinical trials and more than 10 years’ perspective on our formulas.


Containing a unique complex of four active agents, it restores the skin’s comfort level and tolerance threshold after damage by outside factors.

This skincare soothes redness, heat and swelling in the face and body. It reinforces the skin’s hydration, compensate for water loss in a regulated, proportional way to finally promotes epidermal repair thanks to Cebeline. Upon application, it provides a cooling sensation for immediate relief.

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