Aesthet ReShape Transmiter Mesococktail

Aesthet ReShape Transmuter

Meso-cocktail is a unique remodeling solution to liposculpture the facial and body contour by reducing fat and sagging while tightening and redefining the tissue. It contains Plasma Rich in Cell Factors™ (PRCF) from S Crassifolia Callus Lysate, which stimulates fat mobilization and regenerates the dermal fibers. Plasma Rich in Cell Factors™ (PRCF) from S Crassifolia Callus Lysate, a metabolome containing fumaric acid esters, responsible for regeneration and anti-inflammation, and isoquinoline alkaloids, responsible for the enhancement of lipolysis. They are both involved in fat mobilization and fat reduction. PRCF from S. Crassifolia uses energy and extra-cellular communication to protect the tissue and increase its firmness and elasticity.

Clinical tests have shown that PRCF from S. Crassifolia helps to significantly reduce facial sagging up to – 18%, up to 14% & 12% increase of facial & body firmness as well as an effective reduction of the thigh perimeter up to 5,6cm. UP-LIVITY synthetic tetra-peptide in the meso-cocktail provides firmness to the skin by enhancing the proper assembly of elastin and increases the gene expression of several types of collagen, other proteins, and integrins, leading to improve resistance against gravity and aging.UP-LIVITY peptide enhances lifting and reshaping of the tissue as well as increasing elastin synthesis by 22% and collagen by 43%. Plasma Rich in Cell Factors™ (PRCF) from Daucus Carota Sativa Root Cell Culture Lysate has a synergic effect in Aesthet ReShape Transmuter meso-cocktail. It contains polyphenolic antioxidant compounds that assist in skin regeneration.

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