Aesthet Lumine Enhancer

Aesthet Lumine Enhancer

Meso-cocktail is a professional treatment that reduces pigmentation and dark spots on the skin. It contains a complex of a synthetic molecule BRIGHT-CHROM, an effective antioxidant, and lightening agent, that diminishes the activity of the human tyrosinase and melanin content. It has been shown to have the same level of efficacy as hydroquinone, but with a safer toxicological profile. BRIGHT-CHROM helps to prevent skin damage from UV-radiation.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that BRIGHT-CHROM visibly improves the appearance of melasma and lentigines and reduces these conditions by 26-50% after 30 days and by 51-75% after 60 days. The Aesthet Lumine Enhance also contains Plasma Rich in Cell Factors (PRCF) from the Punica Granatum, an effective multistep brightening active. It has an exceptional antioxidant activity associated with its rich content in polyphenolics. PRCF from Punic Granatum seed stem cells are enriched in characteristic hydroxybenzoic acids and are standardized in gallotannins (gallic acid) and ellagitannins (ellagic acid), the major antioxidants in pomegranate. PRCF from Punica Granatum has been shown to play a central role in skin pigmentation reduction acting on the main keys of melanogenesis pathways. Arabian Cotton Plasma Rich in Cell Factors (PRCF) is another active ingredient in the meso-cocktail. It is a lysate derived from the cultured plant stem cells of Gossypium herbaceum. Arabian Cotton PRCF is enriched and standardized in a Phyto-complex of polyphenolics from the plant. It accelerates the repair of photo-damage caused by solar radiation on the skin, including inflammation, erythema, and DNA damage.

The synergic effect of multi-step lightening actives helps to reduce the melanogenesis and minimize the appearance of the pigmented areas and spots. The Lumine Enhancer meso-cocktail stimulates skin regeneration and improves the skin’s brightness and luminosity.

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