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Light intensity Chemical Peel to get rid of mild Acne breakouts and dark spots

– Diminishes acne breakouts and dark spots
– Treats blackheads and white heads
– Removes excess oils from skin
– Unclogs pores
– Reduce pore size
-Best for combination and oily skin
-Evens skin tone
-Gently removes dead skin cells
-Also great for teenage and hormonal acne breakout treatment

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Aha + Bha peel include both Salicylic & lactic acid which makes it great peel for those who seek to reduce acne breakouts and even skin tone by reducing blemishes.

Salicylic acid belong to BHA(Beta Hydroxy Acids) group of peels which is best for clearing pores and eliminating acne, therefore the best peel for acne prone skin, especially oily skin and works well on all skin tones

LACTIC acid (AHA) is gentle on the skin and cause less irritation on the skin therefore perfect for those with sensitive skin and a great peel to achieve a brighter glowing, even skin tone.

Light intensity peels are great for beginners & those with sensitive skin and users who don’t want any downtime period, these are superficial thus expect little to no flaking of the skin because they penetrate the top layer of the skin so your skin will be peeling but it won’t be visible. Therefore the peel is to be applied once or twice a week, results seen within 4-6 treatments.


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