100 Pack – Cool Jet™ Super Tips – Square

100 Pack – Cool Jet™ Super Tips – Square

CoolJet has 2 different shaped tips, a square/rectangle tip and a round tip.


After which tip is best for particular conditions then nothing is set in stone as far as the tips other than your personal preference on how they feel and glide. However, if you think about skin thickness and quality of skin and the fact that the round tip is 10% stronger, this will enable you to choose the right tip for the skin type you have in front of you. For example; a thin skin will not require 10% extra energy as the square/rectangle tip will produce adequate plasma/ozone discharge to reach target parameters within the skin and topically.

One tip can perform 3 treatment sessions of 20 minutes each for one client in a course of 3 sessions.

(does not include the CoolJet 100 tips only)



Dermatologist Warning:

Skin specialists, Dermatologists and Medics recommend using a fresh tip, per person, per treatment session and dispose of them after every treatment. Since once the tip is exposed to the atmosphere and used in skin treatment, there is no guarantee of tip sterility even if wiped with isopropyl alcohol. Due to the aspect of ozone sterilising the skin, this brings the ability to use one tip per 3 sessions for one client before disposing of that tip. However, the choice is up to the operator and will be factored into the treatment costings if one tip is used per session only.

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