What is MesoSkin Anti-Ageing Therapy?

MesoSkin Anti-Ageing Therapy facilitates the deep, sub-dermal penetration of anti-ageing serums to achieve a much greater anti-ageing (youthful) result in the treated skin areas, especially the face. The procedure was developed in France, and is now a leading anti-ageing strategy employed by beauty therapists world wide.

  • No post treatment side-effects such as dots, redness or swelling
  • No surgery, injections, cutting or stitches
  • Quick, easy, pain-free and risk-free procedure
  • Vastly cheaper than surgical options
  • Done by a qualified and experienced therapist

MesoSkin Anti-Ageing Therapy treatment can be tailored to any skin condition ?

Dermal Beauty has an exclusive suite of Mesotheraputic Solutions, which are is essence a specialised cocktail of skin-rejuvenating active serums, each specifically designed to treat one or several skin conditions. Just some of these Mesotheraputic Solutions used by our Dermal Beauty therapist include:

  • Meso Skin Lift: Dynamic Lift creates continuous lifting feeling for the skin gives a lifting sensation in three dimensions which has lasting effects.
  • Meso Skin Filler: Meso Filler specifically formulated to soften wrinkles and expression lines and increase the firmness of the face, neck and neckline.
  • Meso Skin Bright: Meso Bright formulated to lighten the skin tone in hyper-pigmented areas. Balance tone, soften dark spots and delay their appearance. High content of Vitamin C stimulates collagen. Brings luminosity to the face, leaving the skin radiant and even.
  • Meso Skin Hyaluronic: Hydrate & Revitalise Suitable for all skin types including sensitive. Especially suited to clients who want the benefit of hydrated skin with anti-ageing results.
  • Meso Skin Retinol AB: Vitamin AB Renew & Revitalise Suitable for most skin types. No suitable for sensitive skin. Especially suited to clients who want the benefit of cellular regeneration and anti-ageing.
  • Meso Skin Hair Regrowth: Hair Re-growth great for scalp and eyebrow.

Is MesoSkin Anti-Ageing Therapy Safe?

MesoSkin Anti-Ageing Therapy is very safe! The technique has a long history that dates back to the very roots of medicine. It is an ancient technique where doctors would puncture or inject substances primarily to treat pain. In the last century mesotherapy has been used for aesthetic purposes and subsequent techniques have developed making it one of the most popular aesthetic medical treatments in the world.

What conditions can MesoSkin Anti-Ageing Therapy effectively treat?

MesoSkin Anti-Ageing Therapy is highly effective for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, crows feet, uneven skin texture, unsightly pigmentation, skin laxity and sagging, puffiness and localised fat, cellulite, scarring, acne, dryness and dehydration, and sun damage.

Does MesoSkin Anti-Ageing Therapy cause discomfort or pain?

MesoSkin Anti-Ageing Therapy does not cause any pain or significant discomfort. It is a very straight-forward and gentle procedure that will, at most, create a warm tingling sensation whilst being applied, but nothing more. Dermal Beauty’s therapist has applied MesoSkin Anti-Ageing Therapy to a great many clients, and no concerns about pain or discomfort have been reported.

Is there any downtime associated with MesoSkin Anti-Ageing Therapy?

No, there is no down time associated with MesoSkin Anti-Ageing Therapy. You may experience some post-treatment flsuhing, but this usually goes away within just a couple of hours, and in any event, will not interfere with your normal daily activities.

I have dark skin, can I still have MesoSkin Anti-Ageing Therapy?

Yes you can because MesoSkin Anti-Ageing Therapy is suitable for all skin types. In any event, new clients will always receive a free pre MesoSkin Anti-Ageing Therapy assessment to ensure absolute safety and suitability for your individual requirements.